Enhance Your Basketball Skills Visualization MP3
Be a Great Basketball Player not just a basketball player.
"Mental Rehearsal” through Visulation is one of the most important things that separates a Great Basketball Player from just a person who plays basket.
A sports psychologist for a U.S. Olympic team says that 80% to 90% of an athlete’s performance is in the mind. This MP3 involves using your imagination, your thought processes, and your attitude to provide incentive, support, reinforcement, and refinement of your physical skills. It involves visualizing. Specifically, you can visualize to Increase agility, Improve coordination, and Improve concentration, Refine techniques, Heighten awareness of body position, Eliminate inhibiting thoughts in regard to performance, and Increase capacity to enjoy the sport. All professional coaches know that “Mental Rehearsal” is one of the most important things that separate a Great Basketball player from just a person who plays basket.
Dee has been working with visualization for over 20 years. She has help hundreds of people overcome or lessen their personal issues.
This MP3 can be used by the person who is experiencing visualization for the first time or for people who use it in their everyday life.
Not intended to take the place of medical advice. Do not drive while listening to this MP3, as it is a Visualization Session
About 30 min. long. This MP3 is exactly as it is supposed to be.
NOW. .Find yourself in a comfort, quiet place to start your MP3. We Can do This!