Increase Breathing, Movement, & Metabolism Hypnosis MP3
Exercise and increase metabolism without going to the gym.
Using your imagination you will begin to mentally shift your metabolism. You will learn to breath deeper and deeper easily and effortlessly. As your chest cavity expands, you will notice that you are taking in a large amount of air with less and less effort. You will notice that you sit & stand straighter, and that your body is truly burning up more energy, more excess fatty tissue, as a result of deep, deep, natural breathing. Your metabolism increases more each day because you are breathing more naturally, more deeply. You want to move more, breath more and that allows your body to increase its metabolism.
Dee has been working with hypnosis for over 20 years. She has help hundreds of people overcome or lessen their personal issues.
This MP3 can be used by the person who is experiencing hypnosis for the first time or for people who use hypnosis in their everyday life.
Not intended to take the place of medical advice. Do not drive while listening to this MP3, as it is a hypnosis session; About 30 min. long. This MP3 is exactly as it is supposed to be.
NOW. Find yourself in a comfort, quiet place to start your MP3
and let’s start working on you. Go ahead, we can do this!