Reduce Panic and Anxiety Hypnosis MP3
Are You Living with Panic & Anxiety Attacks. Reduce their hold Now.
Dee Krier’s clients find that this MP3 session helps ease their Panic and Anxiety. It also helps them to learn to:
Breathe through the Panic, Lesson the strength of the Anxiety and in just a few minutes the Panic and Anxiety begins to subside.
Dee has been working with hypnosis for over 20 years. She has help hundreds of people over come or lessen their Panic and Anxiety.
This MP3 can be used by the person who is experiencing hypnosis for the first time or for people who use hypnosis in their everyday life.
Not intended to take the place of medical advice. Many doctors have suggested that their patients use this MP3 along with their medical procedures.
Do not drive while listening to this MP3, as it is a hypnosis session.
About 30 min. long. This MP3 is exactly as it is supposed to be. If there is a noise at the beginning, it is too loud.
NOW. .Find yourself in a comfort, quiet place & start your CD