Sound Sleep Hypnosis MP3
Finally, you can Sleep Restfully and Waken Refreshed.
This session is designed to help you re-pattern your mental activity so that your mind is calm and peaceful before you go to sleep. When it’s time for you to rest, your body and mind will be at ease and allow you to gently drift off to sleep.
In this Sleep induction you will visualize a contract you have written for your self with positive suggestions written on it. By reviewing these suggestions, in a trance, you re-program your subconscious to replace old mental patterns with new positive, relaxing, mental patterns. During the sleep induction, your subconscious will accept 4 suggestions: 1. That you will go to sleep quickly, 2. That you will not awaken during the night unless you need to, and 3. That you will have a restful sleep and 4. That you will awaken in the morning feeling refreshed.
Before you sleep, make a list of the good things about yourself. That is your contract. Replace all the negative thoughts you have about your self and your day with positive thoughts.
Example: instead of “I never sleep” you would say to your self “I sleep soundly and peacefully”
If a negative inters your mind change it to a positive.
NOW. .Find yourself in a comfort, quiet place to sleep & start your MP3